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Article #19791: Dialogs showing incorrect white background.

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     FAQ: FAQ4791C - Dialogs showing incorrect white background.
Category: Miscellaneous
Platform: All Windows
 Product: All-CBuilder,   BC++5.x,   


I am porting an OWL application from BC5 to BCB v.X.  
The application has several dialog boxes that I had created in BC5 resource 
workshop.  When I run the application built in BC5 the dialogs show correctly, 
but when I port my application to Builder the dialogs display with a white flat 
background rather than the nice grey 3-D look.  How can I fix this?


You need to reopen the resource file in BC5 resource workshop and pull up the 
property page of the dialog box.  On the Frame sheet make sure that the 
"3-D Look" option is selected.

8/4/99 11:58:44 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99