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Article #20461: Inet40.bpi and Inetdb40.bpi missing.


I'm porting an application from Builder 3 Pro to Builder 4 Pro and have run into a proplem. I open the project file in BCB4. BCB4 reports that it has updated the project file. When I attempt to build the application, the linker reports two files missing: 'inet40.bpi' and 'inetdb40.bpi'. I searched the entire system and cannot find these files.


'inetXX.bpi' and 'inetdbXX.bpi' are run-time packages that were included in Builder 3 Professional, but are only available in the Enterprise edition of Builder 4.

The Builder 4 conversion process does not take these files into account when it updates your Builder 3 project; it sees inet35.bpi and inetdb35.bpi referenced in the Builder 3 project and changes the references to 'inet40.bpi' and 'inetdb40.bpi'. Since these run-time packages are included in all VCL projects by default in Builder 3, your application may not even use the components provided by the inetXX packages, but will still report the error.

If your application does not use the components provided by the inetXX packages, you can simply remove all instances of inetXX and inetdbXX from the project makefile and your application will build and run normally. If your application does make use of the components provided by inetXX, you will need to either upgrade to the Enterprise edition of Builder 4, or change the makefile to reference the older run-time packages ('inet35.bpi' and 'inetdb35.bpi').

The following is a list of all VCL objects made available to your applications by the inetXX packages:

*** inet40.bpi ***

  • TWebApplication
  • TWebModule
  • TWebDispatcher
  • TCustomWebDispatcher
  • TWebActionItems
  • TWebActionItem
  • THTTPMethodEvent
  • TPageProducer
  • THTMLTagEvent
  • TTag
  • TCustomPageProducer
  • TCustomContentProducer
  • THTMLTableCellAttributes
  • THTMLTableRowAttributes
  • THTMLTableHeaderAttributes
  • THTMLTableElementAttributes
  • THTMLTableAttributes
  • THTMLTagAttributes
  • THTMLBgColor
  • THTMLVAlign
  • THTMLAlign
  • TWebResponse
  • TCookieCollection
  • TCookie
  • TWebRequest
  • TMethodType
  • TISAPIApplication
  • TISAPIResponse
  • ISAPIApp__3
  • TISAPIRequest
  • TCGIApplication
  • TWinCGIResponse
  • TWinCGIRequest
  • TCGIResponse
  • CGIApp__3
  • TCGIRequest

*** inetdb40.bpi ***

  • TDataSetTableProducer
  • TQueryTableProducer
  • TDSTableProducer
  • THTMLDataSetEmpty
  • THTMLFormatCellEvent
  • THTMLGetTableCaptionEvent
  • TCreateContentEvent
  • THTMLCaptionAlignment
  • THTMLTableColumns
  • THTMLColumnState
  • THTMLTableColumn
  • THTTPDataLink
  • TDSTableProducerEditor
  • TDataSetPageProducer

Last Modified: 18-JAN-00