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Article #20510: Manual Uninstallation of Borland C++ Builder 4

	Manual Uninstallation of C++ Builder 4

	Category   :Install Issues
	Platform   :Win95/98/NT
	Product    :C++Builder4.x,   

	How do I uninstall Borland C++ Builder 4 from my
	system when it does not show up in Windows
	Add/Remove Programs utility?

	1) Remove the registry keys specific for Builder.
	2) Remove the reference to Builder from the path statement. 
	3) Delete the CBuilder4 folder. 

	1)  Remove the Registry Keys

	The first part of actually removing C++ Builder 4 is to 
	remove the registry Keys that the install places on 
	your system.  The install.txt gives a list of all the 
	registry keys added to your system  (those keys are 
	also listed below).  

	Changing your registry makes changes that affect your 
	whole system.  You should back up your registry before 
	making any changes to it.  Inprise is not responsible 
	for changes made to your registry.

	Before you begin editing your registry, make 
	floppy-based backups of the Registry files. That way, 
	if a problem occurs you have a safe backup. Don't use 
	BACKUP.EXE but simply copy the following 4 files:

	To remove these keys, you first have to go into your 
	registry.  Do this by going to Start | Run.  Type 
	'regedit' at the prompt.  This will show you a list of 
	registry keys, that looks a lot like a list of 
	directories in explorer.  You can navigate this the same
	way you would navigate through directories.

	WARNING:  Some of these keys may have been put on your 
	system by other programs.  If you have other Borland 
	Compilers, or other products that use the Borland 
	Database Engine, remove only the keys specifically for
	Builder 4:

	SOFTWARE\Borland\C++Builder\ 4.0

	Go through the registry for the keys below, and delete 
	them when you get to them.
	A. File Extension Associations
	These are the file extension associations kept in the 
	registry under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:

	HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.bpg  = "BCBProjectGroup"
	HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.bpk  = "BCBPackage"
	HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.bpr  = "BCBProjectFile"

	B. Key Names added
	Key Name: SOFTWARE\Borland\C++Builder\ 4.0
	Key Name: SOFTWARE\Borland\DBD

	Key Name: SOFTWARE\Borland\C++Builder\ 4.0
	Key Name: SOFTWARE\Borland\BLW32
	Key Name: SOFTWARE\Borland\Database Engine
	Key Name: SOFTWARE\Borland\Borland Shared

	2)  Remove Builder 4 from the path statement

	Now you must remove Builder 4 from your system files.  

	Note:  This document assumes that you have installed 
	to the default directory.  If you have not, then 
	instead of "C:\Program Files\Borland\CBuilder4\Bin", 
	look for the path that points to the Cbuilder4Bin 
	directory on your system.

	Windows 95/98

	Go to your start menu, and to run.  Type 'sysedit'.  A 
	parent window with several child windows should open up.
	The child window in front should say 'Autoexec.bat'.

	In the Autoexec.bat, there should be at least one line 
	that says:

	Look through these lines.  Part of one of these lines 
	should be the phrase:

	From this line, remove 
	"C:\Progra~1\Borland\Cbuild~1\bin;" (everything from 
	the 'C' to the ';').

	Now, Builder is out of your path statment.

	Windows NT

	Right click on 'My Computer.'  You should see a property 
	sheet titled 'System Properties.'  Click on the 
	environment tab.

	Within either your System Variables or your User 
	Variables, you should have a Path variable that 

	C:\Program Files\Borland\CBuilder4\Bin; 

	Double click on that path so that it appears in the edit
	box at the bottom of the tab.  Edit the path so that you
	remove the entire reference to CBuilder4 (Everything 
	from the 'C' to the ';').

	Builder is now out of your path statement.

	3)  Delete the Files

	Now you can delete the Builder files.  To delete those 
	files, remove your entire CBuilder4 directory, and 
	everything in it. If you have no other Borland products
	and know that you have no products that use the BDE, you
	can remove the entire Borland directory.

Last Modified: 15-FEB-00