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Article #20644: Loading an ISAPI DLL with Informix results in Error.

Q. Why, when I load an ISAPI DLL that opens a connection to an Informix database, do I get the error "The dynamic link library ISQLT09A.dll could not be found in the specified path", or "The dynamic link library ISQLT07C.dll could not be found in the specified path", yet when I connect in any other BDE application I can connect fine?

A. IDAPI DLLs use the IUSR_computername user account and therefore don't have access to the user path. The error indicates that that the Informix client can't be found in the path for the IUSR_computername account. To solve the problem, add the Informix and Informix/bin directories to your System path using the System control panel and reboot.

Last Modified: 01-MAR-00