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Article #20696: Why am I receiving an "Error writing file" message?

Question: When I try to build and run my application, I receive a message "Error writing file". Why would I be getting this error?

Answer: If you are receiving "Error writing file," "File is read-only," or similar errors messages when attempting to run projects in C++ Builder, please make sure of the following:

  1.  Do not attempt to open and run example projects or other code from a CDROM.  This is because during the build process, Builder will attempt to write necessary files to the source directory.  If the souce directory is a CDROM, it will fail.  In this case copy the source directories from the CDROM to your hard disk and then reopen them from there.

  2.  Do not attempt to run/build project from a floppy disk.  This will not only be a slow process, but it will invariably fail do to a lack of space on the floppy disk.  Always work off the hard drive.  If you are transporting code from one place to another on  floppies, copy your source files to the hard disk before opening them in Builder.  When you have finished working on your project you only need to copy over any source, header and form files to the floppy for transporting;  Builder only needs these files to build your project.

  3.  If are not doing any of the above, you may wish to verify that the files you are working with are not set to read-ony status.  To verify the attributes of files in Windows, right-click on it and choose "Properties."  Make sure the "Read-only" attribute is unselected.

Last Modified: 23-FEB-00