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Article #21499: Manually Installing Borland C++Builder


How do I manually install Borland C++Builder?


If you have tried all available installation workarounds,
but still can not get C++Builder installed on your system,
then it might be time to try a manual installation.
There are four steps to the manual installation, the
trickiest of which, involves copying BCB.EXE to a temporary
folder during the final phase of the installation. That
file must be copied because it is the only element missing
from RunImage and is unpacked during the installation.
If the installation fails, it deletes the BCB.EXE from the
..\Bin directory before terminating. You just need to
grab it before that happens. Here are the step-by-step

  1. Copy the contents of the folder "runimage" from your
    installation CD to the desired program location on the D: drive.
    The default directory structure is: C:\Program Files\Borland\Cbuilder5
  2. Run the install from the CD to the end of the copy process.
    Choose a temporary (ie, temp) location for this install.
    Switch to Windows Explorer as soon as files finish copying
    and copy BCB.EXE from the Temp\Cbuilder5\Bin to
    the ..\Cbuilder5\Bin folder of your manual installation.
  3. Restart your system and perform a Registry-Only installation.
  4. Remove the Read-Only attribute from the file BCB.DRO
Note: If you are using Windows NT or Windows 2000, perform
the manual installation as the Administrator and then a
registry only installation for each user profile.

Last Modified: 02-MAY-00