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Article #21703: Oracle 8 problems introduced in BDE 5.1.1.

Previous to BDE 5.1.1, setting ROWSET SIZE for an alias connected to Oracle 8 did nothing. BDE 5.1.1 added this as a new feature as a performance enhancement to improve the speed when many records are fetched.

However, this new feature introduces 3 new problems:

  • When the number of rows returned from a TTable or TQuery matches a multiple of the setting of ROWSET SIZE data will be displayed twice.
  • If the last row of a TTable or TQuery has fields which are blank (NULL), the corresponding field in the first record will be blank as well. This problem does not occur when using the Oracle 8.1.5 client (8i). When using the Oracle 8.0.4 client R&D has determined this problem to be caused by a bug in the Oracle 8.0.4 client. Therefore, ROWSET SIZE must be set to 0 when using the 8.0.4 client.
  • Getting a list of tables in SQL Explorer may result in the error "Translate Error. Value out of Bounds.".
  • The workaround for all of these problems at this time to set ROWSET SIZE to 0.

Last Modified: 22-MAY-00