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Article #21752: CodeGuard does not report memory leaks in the CodeGaurd Log window.


The CodeGaurd Log does not show memory leaks. I've made intentional leaks in a small program, but they do not show up in the log window.


Because of a bug in the Win9x operating system we have had to work around, CodeGaurd errors that occur during the debug process's shutdown procedure (such as memory leak errors), will not be reported to the IDE. Hence, the ide will not stop on these errors and they will not appear in the CodeGuard Log window.

Memory leaks are recorded in the CodeGuard log file regardless of the IDE's behavior, so you may examine this file for detected leaks. you will find the log file in the same directory as your applicaion and the file has the same name as your executable, but with a CGL extension.

CodeGuard and the Builder IDE run normally in this respect on Windows NT and Windows 2000.

Last Modified: 13-MAR-02