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Article #21927: Library Paths: Environment Options vs. Project Options

What is the difference between the "library path" fields in the environment options: library tab, and in the project options: directories/conditionals tab?

The first thing that you'll notice about these two sections is that they both contain a libray path. The uses of these two fields are drastically different.

The environmental library path will only change when new components are installed to be used. This change will affect all projects opened within your compiler: the added components will be available to older projects, as well as future projects.

When libraries are added to a project, their explicit location is added to the option source, so there is no need to add a directory location of that object.

With the directories/conditionals' library path, it is changed when new units are added to the project, and the compiler needs to find the new *.h or *.cpp files.

Last Modified: 09-MAY-00