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Article #22167: C++Builder 5 seemed to install fine, but now Windows fails to load, producing an error in ESSOLO.DRV.


After installation of BCB 5, Windows fails to load and produces errors in MSGSVR32 and/or ESSOLO.DRV. Why?


These errors seem to appear on IBM Aptivas when Windows is attempting to load after C++Builder 5 is installed.  These particular computers are shipped with a modified Windows 98 OS, on which is installed a sound driver (essolo.drv) that seems to interfere with the C++Builder 5 component registration which happens the first time the OS is started.

Here is the suggested workaround if you own an Aptiva:

  1.  Disable the sound driver completely.
  2.  Install C++Builder 5.
  3.  Enable the sound driver.

If this behavior is appearing, and you are unable to load Windows, merely load Windows Safe-mode (repeatedly press the F8 key while the computer is booting up, then choose safe-mode from the menu), uninstall the sound driver, and then load "normal" Windows.  Now, you should be able to continue with the above workaround (complete steps 2 & 3).

Last Modified: 05-SEP-00