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Article #22394: Why does C++ Builder temporarily freeze over code?


Why does C++ Builder seems to temporarily freeze and display the hour glass when I pass the cursor over certain parts of my code?

Code Insight is one of C++ Builder features that is installed   
with all automatic options set in the 'on' position. Code insight
is activated by placing the cursor over code that one wishes to
to examine for syntax and/or available methods (functions).

Code insight will:

* Display information in the Code editor to help you with code syntax and arguments 

* Provide common programming statements for you to insert in your code
* Display classes, functions, methods, arguments, and events parameter lists
* Show you the value of a variable while debugging
* Display declaration information for identifiers

Of course, invoking this wide vaiety of options can be time 
consuming, even on the fastest computers. To stop the code insight 
feature form doing this, uncheck its automatic features:

    Tools | Editor Options | Code Insight 
    and uncheck the automatic features that you do not wish
    to have (automatically) activated. Code insight can still
    be activated by simultaneously pressing the control (Ctrl)
    key and the spacebar.

The time delay that code insight takes to activate an also
be lengthened: 

    Tools | Editor Options | Code Insight
    change the Delay (in automatic features) to its maximum

Last Modified: 20-NOV-00