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Article #22425: ADO Basics: Creating a basic ADO database application


How do I create a basic ADO database application?


If you are interested in learning how to create a simple ADO database application, here are the basic steps:

    1.    Drop a DataSource, DBGrid, ADOConnection, and ADOTable on your form.
    2.    Set the DataSet property of the DataSource1 component to ADOTable1 (in the Object Inspector).
    3.    Now, set the Connection  property of the ADOTable1 component to ADOConnection1 (in the Object Inspector).
    4.    Set the Login Prompt property of the ADOConnection1 component to false.
    5.    Also, double-click on the ConnectionString property, select "Use Connection String," and click on Build...
    6.    Then, under the "Provider" tab, select "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers," under the "Connection" tab select the "Use data source name" drop-down button and choose DeluxeCD, and then click on OK (twice).
    7.    Set the Connected property of the ADOConnection component to true.
    8.    Set the DataSource property of the DBGrid1 component and choose DataSource1.
    9.    Now, select the TableName property of the ADOTable1 component and choose Tracks.
    10.  Finally, set the Active property of the ADOTable1 component to true.  After the Table is made Active, the BDGrid will become populated with data.

Last Modified: 07-JUL-00