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Article #22619: C++Builder will not allow file to be added to project


When adding a CPP file to a project that has a header file with the same name but different suffix, C++Builder will say the project already contains a file by that name and will not let me add it. How can I add the file?


During an "Add File" request, C++Builder will sometimes confuse a source file for a header file of the same name and refuse to include it. An example of this is if one has a header file by the name of shape.h already included in a project and attempts to add the source file shape.cpp. The project manager will sometimes parse the filename and ignore the suffix, thus confusing the one file with the other.


Manually add the needed files to the Project file.


Open the project file by opening the Project Manager, right clicking on the .exe file and selecting "View Source." If the file to be added is a C or CPP file, add USEUNIT("filename.cpp");. If the file to be added is a header file, add USE("filename.h", File);

Last Modified: 20-NOV-00