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Article #25388: Trying to install InterBase from the C++Builder CD and I dont have ID / Key info

The user has not properly read the readme.hlp file 
at the end of the C++Builder install

The Certification ID and the Certification Key needed 
by the setup program are located in the file ibkey.txt in 
/IB5/ on the CD-ROM. The customer is directed to that 
location by the CB3 helpfile readme.hlp.  The readme.hlp 
file is displayed at the end of the C++Builder install. The 
ibkey.txt file sends readers to Chapter 3 of the IB Ops 
Guide which documents installation. The install is just 
like the one for our direct distribution of InterBase 5.0: 
single-key for Local, multi-key for Client/Server.

For the future: The license program in InterBase 5.1.1 has 
been amended to recognize a single key for Client/Server 
install and we intend to use this in forthcoming Borland products.  

Last Modified: 29-SEP-00