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Article #15158: DBCLIENT.DLL

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Category   :DCOM/MultiTier/ActiveForm
Platform    :All
Product    :Delphi 3.x  

What is the role of DBClient.DLL?


DBCLIENT.DLL contains the low-level implementation of 
TClientDataSet.  It manages all of the data and implements 
functionality like filters, sorting, etc.  The relationship 
between TClientDataSet and DBCLIENT.DLL is very similar to the 
one between TTable and the BDE.  The functionality is surfaced 
through two COM interfaces (DSBase & DSCursor) and requires OLE 
registration.  If DBCLIENT.DLL is placed in any directory on the 
path or in the EXE directory on the client machine, it will 
automatically be registered by the VCL code in TClientDataSet.  
Otherwise it must be registered using REGSVR32.EXE or TREGSVR.EXE.

7/16/98 4:31:28 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99