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Article #15262: 'External Exception C0000008' or 'Access Violation'

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FAQ262B.txt   'External Exception C0000008' or 'Access Violation'
Category   :Database (Oracle)
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"External Exception C0000008" or "Access Violation" error with
2.3.3 SQL NET client: I get an Access Violation with Delphi 3
and an External Exception error with Delphi 2 when connecting
to an Oracle server when in Delphi's IDE or Turbo Debugger with
NT4.  If I run the application alone, it executes correctly. How
do I get around the problem?


Borland has determined that this is a problem with SQL NET
2.3.3. Oracle also recognizes this as a SQL NET problem. There
are a couple of workarounds:

Rename or remove the registry entry
 This is the solution that Oracle support recommends!
Start Oracle's Installer and remove the "Oracle Trace
collection Serveces 7.3.3.x.x"
Turn off Integrated Debugging in Delphi's IDE
Use an Oracle SQL NET that is older than 2.3.3

7/15/98 3:23:06 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99