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Article #15346: Error: 'RPC Server is unavailable'

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FAQ346D.txt   Error: 'RPC Server is unavailable'
Category   :DCOM/MultiTier/ActiveForm
Platform    :All
Product    :Delphi 3.x  

The client machine displays error "RPC Server is

The error is usually caused because the server can't be 
located.  Make sure you can ping the server machine using
the string you typed into the ComputerName property of the 
TRemoteServer.   You might also want to try using an IP
address instead in case there is some problem with your DNS 
configuration or the hosts file.  Try setting the "Default 
Authentication Level" to  (Run DCOMCNFG on the
server to do this.)  Lastly, check the Microsoft
Developer's Network on the Web for the latest information
on this Microsoft transport.  The MSDN can be located 
at the time of the writing at www.microsoft.com/msdn.

7/16/98 4:31:28 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99