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Article #15381: Connection Checklist

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FAQ381D.txt   Connection Checklist
Category   :DCOM/MultiTier/ActiveForm
Platform    :All
Product    :Delphi 3.x  

What kinds of things can I check for every time I deploy 
a multi-tier application?

Note: This list is not intended to be inclusive, but covers
some of the most often missed items.

?On the Server?

- Export all dataset interfaces by right clicking the dataset
  components and selecting the "Export from .." context menu option.
- Rebuild the application.
- If you're running TCP/IP as the transport layer, run
  \bin\Scktsrvr.exe on the server.

?On the Client?

1. If possible, verify your connectivity setup.  If you're 
using TCP/IP, you can ping the server from the client.

2. On the TRemoteServer or TMidasConnection:
- Verify the ComputerName.  
- If the application is on another computer, verify the GUID.  
- If local, verify the ServerName.
- Verify that you can set Connected = true.  
- If using TMidasConnection, check that your ConnectType matches
  the connectivity you have set up (i.e. ctSockets for TCP/IP, etc).  

3. Verify that each TClientDataSet ProviderName and
RemoteServer properties are set.

Also, check that you have needed files on both client and
server and that they are registered.  

See: "Files and components for Borland MIDAS"


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