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Article #15387: 'Invalid BLOb handle' error

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FAQ387B.txt   'Invalid BLOb handle' error
Category   :Database (Miscellaneous)
Platform    :All
Product    :BDE 4.0  

"Invalid BLOb handle" error: What is the cause and
how do I fix this error?


If the error occurs on a non-live (dead, canned) query or a
table with no indexes, then increasing the new BDE 4.x
configuration parameter 'BLOBS TO CACHE' will fix the problem.
This setting determines how many BLObs will be cached on the
client. Applications that deal with fetching dead BLObs using
dead table opens or queries can set a limit on the number of
BLObs to cache depending on the resource available on the
client. Setting a value 100 means the application can work with
a maximum of 100 BLOb records cached. Fetching more than 100,
then scrolling back 100 records results in an "Invalid BLOb
handle in record buffer" error message. 

NOTE:This parameter does not apply to live table opens.

Default Value: 64
Range: 64 to 65536

7/15/98 3:23:06 PM

Last Modified: 05-OCT-99