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Article #15539: TSocketDispatcher

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FAQ539D.txt   TSocketDispatcher
Category   :DCOM/MultiTier/ActiveForm
Platform    :All
Product    :Delphi 3.x  

In the Help File is the following: Add a TSocketDispatcher 
object to a form or data module to create an application server 
that implements an IDispatch interface using TCP/IP.  There is 
no TSocketDispatcher Component on the pallet. So how do you 
create it?.

You don't really need to do this.  ScktSrvr.EXE is in
the \delphi30\bin directory.  Running it on your
AppServer will allow sockets to connect to your
application.  If you want to use it anyway, look at
the ScktSrvr.EXE file found in \delphi30\source\vcl
directory.  It has the code that instantiates a 

The help file currently contains this note:

Application servers do not need to explicitly add a TSocketDispatcher so that they can connect to TMIDASConnection components in client applications. Delphi ships with an executable called ScktSrvr.exe. Run ScktSrvr on the server machine. If the application server does not want to use the default port number (211), pass the port number the application server should use for listening for client connections as a command line argument. If ScktSrvr.exe is running on the server machine, it will automatically launch the application server after it accepts client requests. ?
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