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Article #15705: Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements

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FAQ705D.txt - Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements

Category   :AS400
Platform   :All
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What are the minimum hardware and software requirements?

Delphi/400 Client/Server Suite:

Intel 486/25-based PC or higher
Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows NT
8Mb(12Mb recommended)
50Mb hard disk space
CD-ROM Drive
Mouse or other Windows pointing device

All the AS/400s except those of the AS/Entry series.
OS/400 Version 2.3 or later.

Supported Routers:
IBM, Client Access for Windows 95 Vn. 2.3
Netsoft, NS Bundle Vn. 5.0
Microsoft, SNA Server Vn. 2.11/3.0
Wall Data, Rumba Access for Windows 95/Windows NT

4/1/99 2:44:12 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99