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Article #16409: What does the error 'Token not found'

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FAQ1409C.txt   What does the error 'Token not found'
Category   :Database Issues
Platform    :All
Product    :C++Builder  1.x

I have a TQuery and TDataSource.  In the TStrings property of 
the TQuery I have 'SELECT * FROM dbo.AnyTable' where dbo is the
database on my SQL server.  When I set active to TRUE I get the
error: 'Token not found. Token :dbo. line number:1'.  
What's wrong?

If the RequestLive property is set to true, then enclose the 
owner and tables names in quotes:

   SELECT * FROM "dbo.table"

If request live is false, don't use quotes.

   SELECT * FROM dbo.table

7/2/98 10:32:32 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99