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Article #16680: Component Palette Corruption Problems

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FAQ1680D.txt   Component Palette Corruption Problems
Category   :Install Issues
Platform    :All
Product    :Delphi 3.x  

I installed Delphi 3 successfully; no errors occurred. Delphi 3 
starts up OK, but the component palette display is corrupted:
part of one icon appears on part of the next; images are "drifting"
off the buttons; the wrong images on buttons, etc. Restarting the
computer does not help. What's going on?
(Note: Similar cases have been reported from Delphi 2. Same 
workarounds/solutions may also apply to Delphi 2.)

The problem is most likely a compatibility conflict with the 
video driver. Borland tests its products against generic S3 
drivers provided by Microsoft or S3 Inc. Any drivers compliant 
with this standard should not cause this problem with Delphi 3. 
Video drivers that do not fully comply with this standard may or 
may not function correctly with Delphi 3. Refer to Part I and 
Part II if you using any of the following high performance video
card types with Delphi 3: Matrox Millennium, Diamond Viper, 
Neo Magic or a "Non-Standard Souped-up S3 Card". Otherwise, 
refer to Part II.

Part I. It has been reported that certain workstation configurations that include the above high performance video cards, using their default high performance video drivers, may cause the Delphi 3 component palette to appear corrupted. Borland and cooperative video card vendors are currently investigating these reports. See Part II if the following workarounds or solutions are not successful:

Matrox Millennium:
Borland and Matrox are investigating the issue, but neither have been able to reproduce the problem using the Matrox Millennium video card. Possible workarounds that customers have reported are:

Diamond Viper:
For The Diamond Viper 330, Diamond has advised using the generic S3 drivers provided by Microsoft or S3 Inc. as the solution for their video cards. (Contact Diamond for support on this solution.)

Neo Magic:
For The Neo Magic 128XD video card, a reported workaround is to change the video mode to 16-bit or 24-bit color. (Contact Neo Magic for support on this workaround.)

"Non-Standard Souped-up S3 Cards":
A "Non-Standard Souped-up S3 Card" is a video card built around the S3 chip which is running drivers to which the vendor has added performance tricks above and beyond the generic S3 drivers. S3 chips are used in several different video cards from different vendors (STB, Orchid, Number9, Diamond, etc.). Please contact your specific video card vendor about getting a compatible generic S3-compliant video driver. Also see Part II directly below.

Part II.
Try running Delphi 3 under Safe Mode in Windows 95 or VGA Mode under Windows NT. This loads only standard-generic video drivers which are compliant with the standard S3 drivers provided by Microsoft or S3 Inc.

If this fixes the display of the component palette, then the problem is most likely a compatibility conflict with the video driver. You should get an updated version of your video driver from your video card vendor or switch your default driver to a generic compatible driver from Microsoft or S3 Inc. (which may be available on your Windows 95 or Windows NT CD-ROM).

As of this writing, the above workarounds are the only ones known to Inprise. Since Inprise and the related video card vendors have been unable to reproduce this issue, these work- arounds have been provided by Inprise users, and have not been directly tested by Inprise. If none of these workarounds solves your problem, then please post a detailed message to the INPRISE Newsgroups forum borland.public.install.delphi and/or contact your video card vendor. 7/16/98 4:31:28 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99