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Article #17154: Sharing data dictionaries

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FAQ2154D.txt   Sharing data dictionaries
Category   :Database/VCL
Platform    :All
Product    :All 32 bit  

How do I share data dictionaries? 

The data dictionary is merely a table created in any database. 
To create, right click on the DB Explorer Dictionary tab, 
provide a unique dictionary name, select a database from the 
list to create the dictionary table in, provide a unique table 
name (you can leave BDESDD), and description is optional.
Once the dictionary is created, you can see on the dictionary 
table exists on the Databases tab, under the database you 
specified. To share, the database and table specified in 
dictionary creation must exist in a shareable location, such 
as on an SQL server. At the second location, select from the
Dictionary menu, Register. Provide any name for Dictionary 
name (using a company standard of some sort and everyone use 
the same name here is recommended), select the database table 
that contains the previously created dictionary table, table 
name, and description is once again optional. In cases where 
database tables are qualified with an owner name, the 
datadictionary table will also have this same 
feature/limitation. The same issue will be true for each table 
field being described -- i.e. if the field is myownerA.field1, 
table myownerb.field1 will not see the attributes described. 

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Last Modified: 01-SEP-99