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Article #17282: Old ActiveForm information displayed

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FAQ2282D.txt - Old ActiveForm information displayed

Category   :ActiveX/OLE/COM/ActiveForm
Platform   :All-32Bit
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I updated my ActiveForm and I hit my web page in Internet 
Explorer, but I get the old ActiveForm. What am I doing wrong?

Even if you use version info, you'll see this happening in some 
cases. Usually it goes away if you unregister the OCX (in 

The recommended way of doing this is:
Exit Internet Explorer.
Run "regsvr32.exe /u c:\windows\occache\MyActiveX.ocx"
Restart Internet Explorer and hit the web page again.

If you deploy extra files that you ActiveX is using you might 
be helped by knowing that all the stuff is being pulled down to 
your OCCACHE directory and if Internet Explorer determines that 
there is a conflict - it'll put some files in 
OCCACHE\CONFLICT.x (x is a number) directories.

4/2/99 12:08:51 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99