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Article #17294: 'Invalid filename' error

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     FAQ: FAQ2294D - 'Invalid filename' error
Category: Internet/WEB
Platform: All-32Bit
 Product: All32Bit,   


When a client hits my ISAPI DLL it says "Invalid filename". My 
Paradox/dBASE tables are on a Novell server. What's wrong?


You're missing the drive mapping for your IUSR_XXX account. 
Your tables are on the Novell server, so you need a drive 
mapping to get there.

Background information:

Your webserver is running IIS as a service. Nobody is 
logged in interactively.
A client hits the web page with the ISAPI DLL. IIS is 
logging you in on the server as IUSR_XXX. In order for the 
ISAPI DLL to see your tables on the Novell server, you will 
need the drive mapping for that user.

6/28/99 2:26:43 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99