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Article #17366: Using an AVI file with TAnimate

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FAQ2366D.txt - Using an AVI file with TAnimate

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How can I resource an AVI so the TAnimate control doesn't have 
to rely upon an external file?

There is an AVI Type, which is not used often, called 'AVI' and 
if you create a .RES file, Resource file, with this type it will 
allow you to use the resource as an AVI. 

The steps are:

Create a new RES file. (Resource Workshop is good 
but it must be a 32-bit resource file)
Add the AVI to the RES Project as a New Type 
specified as 'AVI'. (ie File | "Add to project..." in 
Resource Workshop and followed by clicking on the 
"New Type" button)

NOTE:Make sure to edit the Name of the Resource 
(from 'AVI_1') to a more meaningful name before saving 
the project. (maybe 'About') - case sensitive.

Save the RES Project to a name (ie RORY.RES)
Back in Delphi 3, add the RES file in with the $R 
Compiler directive (ie {$R 'C:\AVI\RORY.RES'} )
Programmatically, set the TAnimate's RESName property 
to the Resource name. (Not the Type; AVI)

  Animate1.RESName := 'About';
  Animate1.Active := True;

4/2/99 12:14:28 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99