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Article #17514: Creating resource files.

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FAQ2514D.txt   Creating resource files.
Category   :Object Pascal
Platform    :All
Product    :All 32 bit  

What are my options for creating resource files?

You can use the Borland Command Line Resource Compiler 
(BRCC.EXE and BRCC32.EXE) that ships with Delphi and 
C++ Builder, or a WYSIWYG resource editor such as Borland's 
Resource Workshop 5.0 that ships with the Borland RAD Pack. 
The Resource Workshop 5.0 can compile and decompile both 16 
and 32 bit resources from .rc, .res, .exe, .dll, .drv, .vbx, 
.cpl, .ico,. bmp, .rle, .dlg, fnt, and cur files.

7/16/98 4:31:28 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99