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Article #17707: Deploying the BDE: InstallShield can't find BDE drivers

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FAQ2707C.txt   Deploying the BDE:  InstallShield can't find BDE drivers
Category   :Database Issues
Platform    :Windows 95
Product    :   C++Builder3.x

I'm trying to deploy a full version of the BDE with my application.  When I use Install 
Shield Express, though, when I create a new BDE alias there is a page entitled:  Step 3 
of 4.  On this page, there is a combo box entitled type.  This combo box is supposed to 
contain driver types, but it's empty.  When I look at the help, it says that InstallShield is 
looking for driver information from a key in the registry called 
Engine\Settings\DRIVERS.  This key isn't there!

The reason for this problem is that the BDE configuration settings are set up for 
Windows 95/NT AND Windows 3.1.  This means that all the driver information is 
stored in the idapi.cfg file, and none of it is put into the registry.

To change this:  
1.  Go into the BDE Administration
2.  Go to Object\Options and change the setting from Win3.1 and Win95/NT to 
Win95/NT only.
3.  Go to Object\Save As Configuration and save over the old Idapi.cfg file.
4.  Check your registry.  The DRIVERS key should have been added.
5.  Uninstall InstallShield
6.  Reinstall InstallShield

Now you should see the drivers listed in that combo box.

6/8/98 4:58:30 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99