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Article #17972: Switching between different data sources

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FAQ2972D.txt   Switching between different data sources
Category   :Quick Reports
Platform    :All
Product    :All 32 bit  

In QuickReport 1 all components was connected to a 
DataSource, now they are connected to a DataSet. 
The other solution made it much easier to switch between 
different tables. Why did this change? How do I use it?

This change was done to improve speed, code size and 
to make QuickReport more stable. To switch between 
different tables and queries it's easiest to use the TQRExpr 
component to display field data. TQRExpr will pick up the 
field from any dataset connected to the report, regardless 
of its name. Then simply change the QuickRep.DataSet 

7/16/98 4:31:28 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99