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Article #18016: Protection Error, Runtime version

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FAQ3016D.txt - Protection Error, Runtime version

Category   :AS400
Platform   :All-32Bit
Product    :

How come I am getting the error "Protection Error, Runtime version"
with Delphi/400?

Possible Causes: 

You are trying to use the run-time Components during 
   Design Time. 

You are exceeding the limit of Developers that are 
   licensed to use the Delphi/400 components. 

Your PC may have locked up and been rebooted without 
   killing the job on the AS/400 thus making the 400 think 
   that there are two developers with the same key
   running the same job. To check for currently running 
   jobs on the AS/400: 

   Close Delphi. 

   Execute "WRKACTJOB" on the AS/400 to see the active job. 
   Look for the PC controller. If the controller is in "CPCW" 
   it means that the job is running. To kill the job,
   choose option "4" and finally "ENTER" to confirm. 

The 60 day evaluation period has expired. 

Developer must have installed product using the 
   QSECOFR sign-on.  You have installed Delphi/400 twice. 
   By default you have a temp key for two months but just 
   for the first install. 

4/1/99 3:27:27 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99