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Article #18028: IDAPI Service Library not Found

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FAQ3028D.txt - IDAPI Service Library not Found

Category   :AS400
Platform   :All-32Bit
Product    :DelphiAS400,   

I'm using Delphi/400. How come I'm getting an "IDAPI Service 
Library Not Found" error?

This error usually occurs in deployments.
There are two conditions where this error can occur.

IDCO400.DLL is not in the BDE directory.
Some of client DLLs (CO40032.DLL, TCRTR32, E32TCPIP.DLL, etc)
   are in the application directory and some are in Windows\System32. 

If you use the install from the Deployment CD both of these problems 
will not occur.

4/1/99 3:33:50 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99