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Article #18086: Installing Delphi from a hard drive.


How do I install Delphi from a local hard drive?


You will need approximately 460 MB of hard drive space to do the hard drive install (for Delphi 5 Enterprise version). 230 MB for the complete installation and free space to hold the files temporarily while doing the installation.

  1. Put the Delphi CD in the drive and choose "Browse the CD, or view the CD in Windows Explorer."
  2. Copy the "Install" folder to the root directory of the local drive you will be installing from (i.e. not inside any subfolders).
  3. Copy the "Runimage" folder to the root directory of the same drive. This may take a very long time. Verify that the entire folder was copied correctly. Right-click on the folder and choose properties. This folder should contain the same number of files that the one on the CD-ROM contained.
  4. Copy all of the remaining files (autorun.inf, delphi.ico, deploy.txt, etc.) to the root directory of the same drive.
  5. Reboot into Safe Mode or VGA mode (optional) and double click on the "Install.exe" that you now have on your hard drive and install Delphi as you normally would.
  6. Restart your computer and verify that Delphi runs correctly. Once you have done this you can delete all the files that you copied over from the CD-ROM.

Last Modified: 10-OCT-00