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Article #18823: Sybase 11.5 server causes problems for SQL Explorer

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FAQ3823B.txt - Sybase 11.5 server causes problems for SQL Explorer

Category :Database (Sybase)
Platform :Win95/NT
Product :C++Builder1.0, C++Builder3.x, Delphi2.x, Delphi3.x, Delphi4.x

When connecting to a Sybase 11.5 server the following problems occur in SQL Explorer:

1. Type is shown as SYBASE: Unknown Version: Mapping error: Bad template: SQL Server/([0-9]+).
2. Only Columns, Indices and Triggers and shown below tables in the tree.
3. Selecting the text tab of table which has a numeric field results in the error dialog "Property Precision does not exist".

You can solve this problem by editing the DBX.DBI file in your bin directory. Find the line the reads:

SYBASE:IdentityRE=SQL Server/([0-9]+).

change it to:

SYBASE:IdentityRE=[SQL Server][Adaptive Server Enterprise]/([0-9]+).

This will resolve the problem.

Note that this problem does not occur in Delphi 5 or later, or C++ Builder 5 or later because the DBX.DBI file has been updated to include this fix.

Last Modified: 01-MAR-00