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Article #18827: Installing Delphi 4 From a Network Location

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FAQ3827D.txt   :Installing Delphi 4 From a Network Location
Category   :Install Issues
Platform    :Win95/NT
Product    :Delphi4.x,   

How do I install Delphi 4 on my machine from some place on
the network?

(This does not include installing Delphi ON a network, only
from a network.  Delphi is intended to be installed on the
machine that will be running it, not on a network server.)

1a)  Copy the needed files or the entire Delphi 4 CD to a
location your machine can access on the network.  The files
needed for Delphi 4 installation are all of the files in
the root directory of the CD (license.txt, inprise.gif,
install.exe, etc.) as well as the entire Install and 
Runimage directories.

1b) Alternately, you could simply share the CD Drive.

2)  On the machine where you will be installing Delphi, 
map a drive directly to that location so that the
license.txt, install.exe, and other files are in the root
directory of the drive.  (You will get Error 113 if the
files are not in the correct location).

3)  Run install.exe from the drive you just mapped.

NOTE:  Make sure that the filenames of the original files
on the CD are not truncated when you copy them to your 
network, and make sure that you can read long filenames
over your network.

11/30/1998 12:27:47 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99