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Article #19258: Installation error -117

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FAQ4258D.txt   :Installation error -117
Category   :Install Issues
Platform    :All Windows
Product    :Delphi3.x,   Delphi4.x,   DelphiAS400,   

What is installation "Error ?117"?

A certain batch of CDs produced by Inprise contained
a strange glue-like substance on them that causes
this error to popup because a track on the CD cannot
be read.
The solution is to clean the CD using Windex
or some equivalent cleaner to remove the offending
substance.  The other possible cause of this error
is a damaged or scratched CD, if cleaning the CD does
not make the error cease then the customer should 
call the order desk (800-331-0877) to order a replacement 

11/30/1998 12:29:49 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99