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Article #19288: Error: "BORDBK40.DLL is missing or not registered"

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FAQ4288D.txt   :Error: "BORDBK40.DLL is missing or not registered" 
Category   :Install Issues
Platform    :All
Product    :Delphi4.x,   

What does "BORDBK40.DLL is missing or not registered" error mean during installation 
or startup of Delphi 4?

If the installation does not complete the cause of the problem is 
likely due to a software conflict. Some anti-virus software and 
certain NT Internet Services have been known to prevent BORDBK40.DLL 
and/or HTML.OCX from being registered with the operating system. In 
this case the best solution is to try eliminating the software in 
question from the picture and then try reinstalling Delphi 4.  If 
that doesn't pose a viable solution you can also try step 1 and 2 
outlines below to manually register the BORDBK40.DLL or HTML.OCX.

If the install does complete, and you get this message when 
running Delphi 4:

1)  First, try running TREGSVR manually to register the dll.  
TREGSVR can be found in the "Delphi 4/bin" directory. 
2)  To register the DLL you would type "tregsvr bordbk40.dll" 
in the directory where the DLL resides. (This works providing 
you have the "Delphi 4/bin" directory on your path, otherwise 
you would include the path to bordbk40.dll)
3)  If TREGSVR says the dll "has been successfully registered", 
but Delphi 4 doesn't work, then you have probably uninstalled 
Delphi 4 AFTER applying Update 2, and then re-installed without 
applying Update 2.  Hence, the DLL is installed correctly but 
Delphi 4.00 does not know how to use the Delphi 4.01 version of 
the DLL.  To correct this problem install update pack 2 and
then your version of Delphi 4 will correspond to the version of 
the DLL on your system.

3/10/99 12:33:43 PM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99