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Article #19438: Incorrect Application Icon

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FAQ4438D.txt - Incorrect Application Icon

Category   :Miscellaneous
Platform   :All Windows
Product    :All32Bit,   

Windows shows the wrong icon for my application in the Windows Explorer and on Short Cuts.  When my application 
is run however, the correct icon appears on the Task Bar and in the Alt-Tab list.

When Windows shows the default icon for an application in a Short Cut or in the Window's Explorer it uses the 
first icon resource that appears in the executable file.  Icon resources that are linked into an application are 
ordered alphabetically.  The resource name that Delphi uses for an application's icon is "MAINICON".  If you link 
additional icon resources into your application you will need to make sure to name them so that they are ordered 
alphabetically after the resource name "MAINICON".  The correct icon appears when the application is launched 
because in the window creation and registration process the icon resource name for the application is specified 

4/1/99 10:55:19 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99