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Article #19558: MSSQL SQL Links driver and the LANGDRIVER setting

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     FAQ: FAQ4558B - MSSQL SQL Links driver and the LANGDRIVER setting
Category: Database (MSSQL)
Platform: All-32Bit
 Product: All-32Bit,   


Why might I be seeing duplicated rows being displayed in my 
application when using the MSSQL SQL Links driver w/MSSQL server
version 6.5 or later?


Please see the Delphi 4 README.TXT, BDEREADME.TXT, BDE32.HLP
and SQLLNK32.HLP for additional information regarding BDE 
language drivers and Borland SQL Links.

BDE/Microsoft SQL Server/Default Language Driver
If the LANGDRIVER parameter of a BDE alias for the
Microsoft SQL Server driver is left blank, the Paradox
ASCII driver will be used by default. Beginning with
version 6.5, MS-SQL Server changed the default sort
order from BINARY to NOCASE (52). As a result, an index
created on CHAR or VARCHAR fields using the default
language driver (Paradox ASCII) produces duplicate rows
for an MS-SQL table if mixed case data is found in that
field. Workaround: select an appropriate language
driver in the LANGDRIVER parameter when configuring a
BDE alias for MS-SQL (for example, US users would
select the driver Borland ENG Latin-1). Note: this only
applies to SQL Server version 6.5 and above, with
default sort order.

7/26/99 10:11:02 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99