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Article #19602: Computer freezes at splash screen when Delphi is started.

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FAQ4602D.txt - Computer freezes at splash screen when Delphi is started. 

Category   :Install Issues
Platform   :Windows 95 & 98
Product    :Delphi4.x,   Delphi5.x,   

When I start Delphi I see the splash screen, then my system freezes.  
How can I fix this? 

This is most likely a compatibility conflict with the video driver.  
Borland tests its products against generic S3 drivers provided 
by Microsoft or S3 Inc.  Any drivers compliant with this standard 
should be okay.  Video drivers that do not fully comply with this 
standard may or may not function correctly with Delphi.

To verify that you have a video driver issue try changing the hardware 
acceleration in the display properties to 'None'.  To do this go to 
Control PanelDisplaySettingsAdvanced PropertiesPerformance 
(a setting in the middle may work also).  
Restart the computer and try opening Delphi.  
If the problem is gone then you know it is a video driver issue.  

If the system still freezes:
  In Windows 95 try starting in safe mode.
  In Windows 98, in the SYSTEM.INI file under the [display] section, 
  add the line 'BusThrottle = 1' (no quotes).  Save the file, reboot 
  and try running Delphi again.

Here are some more permanent solutions:

1.  Install the Delphi 4 service pack 3.  This offers a work-around by 
     changing the way the component palette icon image list is loaded 
     at startup. This fix is included in Delphi 5.

2.  Start Delphi with the "-ns" switch:  At the Run command line type 
     "delphi32.exe" -ns.  Make sure the -ns is outside the quotes 
     (It may be necessary to type the entire path to the delphi32.exe file 
     inside the quotes).  This will bypass the splash screen. 
3.  Try going into the menu Component|Install Packages and remove some 
     packages for components you don't need.  

4.  Install a new video driver.

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Last Modified: 10-OCT-00