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Article #19614: Safe Mode and VGA mode.

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     FAQ: FAQ4614D - Safe Mode and VGA mode.
Category: Install Issues
Platform: Windows 95
 Product: All32Bit,   


What is Safe Mode or VGA mode?


Safe mode is the method for booting into a simple system 
configuration under Windows 95*.
VGA mode is the diagnostic mode under Windows NT

When Windows boots into Safe mode or VGA mode, it uses 
basic default settings that will run the operating system with 
minimal functionality. Meaning it loads a bare bones operating 
system. Hardware, like your CD-ROM drive, may not function in 
Safe mode or VGA mode because the drivers are not loaded.  
Because of this it may be necessary to copy the Delphi installation 
files to the hard drive before restarting in safe mode (See FAQ 
"Installing Delphi 4 form a Hard Drive").

*Windows 98 has a safe mode but is has a different functionality 
and may not be helpful in resolving install issues. Specifically, 
it loads the current video driver instead of the default VGA driver 
provided by Microsoft, so starting in safe mode in Windows 98 will 
not resolve issues related to the video driver. You will need to 
manually change the driver.

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