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Article #19615: Starting in Safe Mode or VGA mode.

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     FAQ: FAQ4615D - Starting in Safe Mode or VGA mode.
Category: Install Issues
Platform: All Windows
 Product: All32Bit,   


How do I start my computer in Safe Mode or VGA mode?


SAFE MODE (Windows 95):  

There are two ways:

1.  Hold down the SHIFT key as you restart until the Windows screen 
     comes up.
2.  When you restart, watch the screen for the text "Starting Windows 95".  
     When you see this hit F8 and choose Safe Mode from the option 
     menu which comes up.

VGA MODE (Windows NT):  

Windows NT should offer a menu at start up where you can select VGA mode.
If you do not see this option it may not be installed.  Look at Control Panel->
System-> StartupShut Down->System Startup for a list of the operating 
systems installed on you computer.

6/21/99 2:00:46 PM

Last Modified: 11-OCT-00