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Article #19694: "Invalid field type" database error with MSSQL server 7


When I try to activate my Table/Query I get an error stating "invalid field type". What does this mean?


Microsoft no longer supports DB-LIB with the release of MS SQL Server 7. This means DB-LIB doesn't have support for the 4 new data types that MS SQL 7 offers: NTEXT, NCHAR, NVARCHAR and UNIQUEIDENTIFIER (a GUID). In order to successfully use new types offered by SQL Server 7 and above you'll need to use CT-LIB. With Delphi 5 we recommend you use ADO.

It is possible that you are using one of these datatypes inadvertently. For example when you use the replication feature in MS SQL 7 a new field called "rowguid" of type UNIQUEIDENTIFIER is automatically added. Since this will cause the invalid field type error in the BDE, replication cannot be used with the BDE.

Last Modified: 11-OCT-00