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Article #19778: Editing record generates BDE Error 10259 ($2813)

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     FAQ: FAQ4778B - Editing record generates BDE Error 10259 ($2813)
Category: BDE Features
Platform: All Windows
 Product: Delphi4.x,   


How come when I edit a record with more that 15 digits after the decimal place I get BDE error 10259 ($2813) 
"Couldn't perform the edit because another user changed the record."?


The BDE has a limit of 15 decimal digits after the decimal place. What is happening to cause this error is that
the BDE refetches the row the before you edit it to make sure it still exists. To do so, it uses the data it 
originally fetched. It only fetches up to 15 digits, so the data the BDE has and data on the server don't
match. The server returns that the fetch returned no records which causes the BDE to generate its error.

7/28/99 10:30:24 AM

Last Modified: 01-SEP-99