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Article #20234: TeamSource Error(4): Invalid extension, in file '...\\Archives\root.tsdata'


Why am I getting Error(4): Invalid extension, in file 'C:\Teamsource\Archives\root.tsdata' when I try to open the Remote screen in TeamSource?


This is caused by a bug in TeamSource. The documentation for Productions states that a Production can be Defined with Source = *.RC and Target = *.RES, but after these values are entered TeamSource adds a period in front of them so the result is '.*.RC' and '.*.RES'. These values are accepted but unfortunately cause the error when the project is reopened in the future.


Do not use the asterisk notation, just enter the extension. If you've already entered this notation you can recover by deleting the 'root.tsdata.z' file, but you will then need to re-do check ins.

Last Modified: 11-OCT-00