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Article #20362: "Could not perform corba dispatch, no interface repository found" error.


Why am I getting the error "Could not perform corba dispatch, no interface repository found"?


There was an issue between Visibroker 3.4 which comes with JBuilder 3, and Delphi 5 which resulted in the loss of some CORBA functionality in Delphi when connecting to a JBuilder 3 server.

A new version of Visibroker 3.3 for Delphi 5 Enterprise is now available which resolves this. The update is for Delphi 5 Enterprise only and is available for free download from our web site at:

http://www.borland.com /visibroker/delphi/

This release includes an IDL2PAS compiler. IDL2PAS is a tool which implements isiBroker's IDL to Pascal compiler. IDL2PAS takes one or more IDL files as input and generates the corresponding Pascal classes for the client side, including the client stubs. Visit the URL above for more details.

Last Modified: 11-OCT-00