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Article #21573: Why is my system freezing when I start Delphi, just after closing the Just-in-time debugging dialog box?


Why does my system freeze after I see the message "The Just-in-time debugger is set to ". In order for it to work correctly, it needs to be changed to "C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi5\Bin" -aeargs %ld %ld"?


This issue probably has nothing to do with Just-in-time debugging. It is most likely a video driver issue that happens to be showing up right after the just-in-time dialog box closes. To verify this try turning off the hardware acceleration on your machine under display properties (Win 95 and Win 98 only), restart your machine and restart Delphi. If this fixes the issue you know it was caused by the video driver. See the following for further explanation:


Last Modified: 11-OCT-00