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Article #22985: Error "Unable to write to registry" during Interbase 5.5 install.


Why did my Interbase 5.5 installation stop around 10% with the error 'unable to write to registry'?


Another possible error message is "Failed to open registry key". Here are 3 possible solutions:

1) InterBase 5.5 expecting the following registry key to exist and it has not yet been created:


2) Other software has added enough values to this key to hit some OS limit to the number of values that can be registered for this key. Check to see if there are extraneous or duplicate values under this key and delete them.

3) A path length over 128 characters can cause problems when installing Interbase but it usually gives a different error message (see the file Install.txt which comes with Delphi for more information).

Last Modified: 11-OCT-00