Article #28826: C++Builder install error 1307


When trying to install Borland C++Builder6 I'm getting an error: "Install error 1307..." when the installer is attempting to copy certain files from the cd. What is the solution to this problem?


This error can often arise from a problem with the cd itself. Take a look at the cd to check for scratches or smudges. Even if you don't see anything clouding the surface of the cd, try rigorously cleaning the cd with a household cleaner such as Windex. This problem could also occur as a result of a bad cd rom drive. If you have another computer available, try running the installation of C++ Bulider on the other computer and see if the same error(s) occur. If they do, it is a possible clue that there is a problem with the cd rom drive.

Last Modified: 28-JUN-02