Article #29844: Cannot install C++ Mobile Edition's Symbian SDK under Windows XP due to missing .msi file


I am unable to successfully install C++ Mobile Edition's Symbian SDK under Windows XP.

After running the main installer (located at \INSTALL\setup.exe), attempting to create a New Mobile Application results in an error indicating that no SDK is installed: No SDK detected. A valid SDK has to be installed.

When I run the installer for the Symbian SDK (located at \series60\setup.exe) separately, an error occurs indicating that a .msi file is missing: 1155: File C:\<your path>\cme11\series60\Series 60 SDK 0.9 for Symbian OS, Nokia Edition.msi not found

How can I resolve these errors and get the Symbian SDK installed?

These installation issues can arise if you unzipped the C++ Mobile Edition download ( using the file extraction tool included with Windows XP. This tool goes by the name "Compressed (zipped) Folders", and it fails to extract Nokia Edition.msi from, thus leading to the installation problems in question.

The solution is to use an utility other than "Compressed (zipped) Folders" to unzip I recommend using WinZip, which successfully extracts all files from WinZip is available from

The information in this document is current as of C++ Mobile Edition version 1.1.

Last Modified: 19-MAR-03